Welcome to Mythical Lands!

Opened March 1st 2023
Whitelisted Minecraft Network
Survival & Skyblock

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Mythical Lands opened on March 1st 2023. I started off with a passion for Minecraft and that creativity flourished into an idea and now I want to share that journey with you!


The Mythical Lands staff team is small but we are always willing to help. Have any questions? Reach out to me in game or discord for assistance.


I aim to offer a fun, safe, and fair playing experience with no P2W advantages. Mythical Lands is a small network made by Tarlow, that features Survival and Skyblock.



Fight leveled up mobs and explore unique structures while you are adventuring.

Claim your land and build a beautiful town or massive castle, the choice is yours!

With custom enchants and the ability to take your tools and armor beyond vanilla, you are sure to have some fun!

Plus, a bunch of quality of life plugins to help make your experience much more rewarding.

Mythical Lands Survival Server

SKYBLOCK SERVER - Beta Season 1!

Welcome to Season 1. This is the "Beta" season and will be taking place for 3 Months. Ending on June 1st.

This server is packed with features to help you progress your island without massive hurdles to cross.

Take a more laid back approach to building your to island. With automated minions, custom generators, and and assortment of custom items tailored towards the Skyblock experience.

Mythical Lands Skyblock Server


Mythical Lands is a small indie Minecraft network created by Tarlow
that focuses on fun, creativity, adventure, and community.

My main focus is to create a safe and fun environment where people can play with their friends, use their creativity, and explore the world while enjoying custom Minecraft game modes I create.

Open Whitelist Application


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